About Us

Dr. Ronei and Lisa Iacobelli are a busy couple; Ronei and orthodontist and real estate developer and Lisa a master-prepared registered nurse who works with the elderly. The pair divide their time between their professions in Michigan and their passion in California, Estate d’ Iacobelli.

For Ronei, the son of Italian immigrants, wine making wasn’t something special or mysterious. As a youth, he spent summers in Casalvieri, a small mountain town in central Italy where his grandfather taught him to make wine.

As an adult he continued the tradition by making wine in his Michigan garage. During one of his first attempts, his mother was there. She just shook her head and in broken English said “Da vino no comma good” Momma was right!

Determined to do better, the Iacobellis improved upon their process and then in 1998 bought land to plant a vineyard in Temecula, along the DePortola Wine Trail. However, growing the grapes was only the beginning. The couple wanted a hand in the entire process.

In the spring of 2013 Ronei and Lisa purchased a 15 acre estate in nearby Fallbrook. They had been searching for the perfect spot and knew at first sight that this was the best location for optimal growing conditions. Immediately they planted Italian varietals and intend to only plant the vines of their heritage.

Today the couple carefully craft their remarkable harvest into a collection of unique, small batch wines, under the Estate d’Iacobelli label and have opened a tasting room on the beautiful hilltop estate. For Ronei and Lisa, making wine is part of their culture, upbringing and now part of their daily lives. Winemaking is their passion… the results are your pleasure!

Ronei and Lisa Iacobelli invite you to taste for yourself. Salute!